I build and design financial models and business models for corporations using Excel Spreadsheets and VBA Macros.

These models can be basic or advanced and complex, depending on the need and corporate users.

My core mission is to manage Business Value and measure Financial Performance through Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, and Financial Modeling that results in increased cash flows to the company. The objective is to maximize business value through the generation of optimal future expected cash flows.  The value of any asset is equal to the expected cash flows of the asset, discounted for timing and risk. This information is expressed through Financial Statements and Financial Reports.

Business Value is created and Financial Performance is measured by applying financial and business analysis techniques using the tool of financial modeling in an Excel VBA Development environment.

I am profoundly influenced by Mckinsey & Company’s Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies.  Organizations that seek to build long term value creation through maximizing shareholder wealth by boosting expected future cashflows, have a strong positive correlation between stakeholder, employee, and shareholder long term investment return.  Companies that pursue value creation and grow their expected future cashflows simply end up doing the right thing.

My goal is simple and straightforward; to create understandable, practical, and useful financial models based on my superior knowledge of Excel and substantial experience in Financial Analysis, in addition to my considerable background in Business Analysis that ultimately takes into account expected future cash flows and it’s impact on forecasts, budgets, and company financial statements, whether public or private or closely held companies.


What is Financial Analysis?

Financial Analysis is the process and thinking behind finance, whether the focus is Business Finance, Capital Markets, or Portfolio Management.  From my perspective, this is subject matter knowledge.

Financial Analysis

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis refers to the marketplace and is an approach for understanding strategic planning, techniques for analyzing industries and competitors, and assessing the market.  Porter’s Five Forces, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecards, and Business Models are examples of high level business analysis thinking.

Business Analysis

Business Performance Management

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial Modeling is the end result of applying financial analysis and using the tools. The resulting work product is usually in the form of an Excel Worbook or series of Workbooks containing worksheets that are organized and clearly documented for users. Said another way, this is the integrated practical application of Financial Analysis and Excel Development.

Financial Modeling

What is Excel VBA Development?

Excel and VBA are the toolboxes and power tool environment used in building financial models, or any type of data model. In short, this is technical know-how.

Excel VBA Programming Macros

Visual Basic for Applications


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